Friday, December 12, 2003

Sometimes it's a great idea to listen to albums you loved in 8th grade. Rediscovering Pearl Jam's Vs. last year felt like a total triumph. But this morning I decided to dig up my cassette copy of Therapy?'s Troublegum, which was clearly not a good idea. Wow, is that album ever crap. It's all snarling bad-guy biker guitars and absolutely ludicrous aren't-I-bad lyrics. Peep these howlers: "The world is fucked / And so am I!" "Heaven kicked you out / You wouldn't wear a tie!" Plus: "I want to crawl up inside you and die!" Ew, yo. Some of the music (mostly the part where they're I guess trying to sound like the Ramones) sounds way emo, too. And I still don't understand the question mark.

Right now I'm cleansing my palette by listening to L'Trimm's Drop That Bottom, which is pretty great. One thing I can't figure out: L'Trimm was from Florida, right? But Bunny has a total Long Island accent. Is that supposed to be some sort of sexy put-on? Or is the Jewish retiree population down there really that huge?