Monday, November 01, 2004

It's time. Hold your breath. Dip Dip Dive endorses John Kerry for President, Barbara Mikulski for U.S. Senate, Elijah Cummings for U.S. House of Representatives, Martin O'Malley for Baltimore Mayor, and Paul Dibos for Baltimore City Council. Dip Dip Dive also endorses George W. Bush and Dick Cheney for Getting They Asses Beat Down By Me.

This is great! Kalefa Sanneh, get a blog! Rockism is a problem, and it's not just music writers propagating it. Most of the people who know that rockism is a problem are music writers or at least people who thing very seriously about music, and most of these people, I think, hang out with other music writers or other people who think very seriously about music. And I think a lot of them live in New York. Well, I live in Baltimore, and I don't hang out with other music writers. I hang out with the dudes who I knew in high school and my girlfriends' friends and my brother. A lot of these people think bluegrass is great because it's authentic and ask me if I like R. Kelly ironically and talk about oh dude did you hear that new Finnish psychedelic album that just got reissued. These people are some rockists. (That Ashlea Simpson thing was pretty funny, though. And I don't think most people are appalled or incensed about the fact that she lip-synchs. I think most people think it's funny that she totally fucked up and got busted. It's funny when people fuck up and get busted.)