Monday, December 15, 2003

Saddam Hussein has been captured, which completely blows my mind. I'm shocked and sort of heartened that he wasn't just straight-up killed like his sons were. I'm less happy about what this means to the election, though I'm sure the luster will have faded by November, especially if the occupation continues to go nowhere. And Joe Lieberman is straight-up being a contemptuous dick with all his I-told-you-so garbage. He may yet end up spoiling this election by defecting to the Republican side and endorsing Bush or some such thing. I don't know. This isn't a political blog. But still. Mind blown.

Bridget and I saw Adult on Friday night, and I was way impressed. They came off as seriously intense, almost industrial. And the light setup was great; the girl (forget her name) was lit from below in red, which looked totally demonic. I was worried they'd seem completely detached, and they didn't at all. They're one of those bands that I don't consider to be a favorite or anything but that I find myself listening to fairly often at work. They've got this tension that really sounds great on shitty Tuesday mornings when I'm too tired to be at work. Some guy named Electronicat opened, and I liked his music a lot (dense, fuzzy shoegazer electro, maybe, with guitars), but the guy's stage presence was ridiculous and embarrassing. It's not enough to climb up on the balcony or whatever when you spend half the show playing with your laptop. Dude needs a hypeman or something.