Wednesday, May 05, 2004

Wow, so apparently the whole top ten people thing doesn't really have much of a following at all. Not one person has e-mailed about wanting me to keep it around, so anyone who likes it better get their grizzly on and e-mail me post-haste.

O-Dub just put something up on his blog about how he wasn't feeling Meadow's boyfriend on The Sopranos and how he needs a backbone upgrade and whatever. But I think this whole plotline with the boyfriend is one of the best things The Sopranos has ever done. I like the show a lot, but in general there's something really alien about it, or maybe familiar but alien. The characters certainly seem recognizeably human, but I don't know anyone who lives that way or who lives with the constant threat of mob violence. With this storyline, I can see how an innocent if clueless dude - one about my age and who seems to share my general disposition - can get mixed up in seriously unsavory shit just by being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Really, it's a miracle that people function at all; sometimes it seems like I and everyone I know are just a few steps away from complete chaos, no matter what we do.