Thursday, September 23, 2004

I was pretty good at Def Jam: Vendetta. I am utterly shit at Def Jam: Fight For NY. I cannot figure it out at all. I can't even beat fucking Danny Trejo on easy. It is ridiculous. I keep running into walls and stuff. My fingers hurt after five minutes of frantic button-mashing. I suck so hard at video games. I need to just call in sick to work someday soon and get this thing down.

For some reason, I must listen to heavy music right now. Nothing but heavy music. I'm not in a particularly upset or angry or existential frame of mind. I do not seethe. But I need to hear Three-6, Dizzee, the new Bjork, Old Man Gloom, Lil Jon, and absolutely nothing else. The new Faint isn't even cutting it. I need apocalypse.

The City Paper Best of Baltimore issue dropped yesterday, and you can find my long-ass profile of local indie-kid MCs Bow and Height here, as well as me opining about a few of my favorite spots. This means that the annual B.O.B. Belvedere Hotel jumpoff is tonight, the one night a year that CP freelance hacks get to strut around like we some ballers. You could not possibly understand what happens when I get near an open bar, my friends. It gets ugly.