Thursday, January 13, 2005

So WHFS, the DC alt-rock station that's existed since before I was born, is no more. Yesterday they fired the entire staff with no warning and switched it over to a Spanish pop station in the middle of the day. It's kind of sad; I spent countless hours listening to the station in middle school and high school, and the 95 HFStival was one of my first concerts. But HFS started sucking when nu-metal became popular, and it started sucking anymore when nu-metal stopped being popular. Over the past couple of years, it's been a confused pileup of nu-emo, nu-metal, hipster-oriented retro-new-wave, and a ridiculously huge amount of tired 90s alt-rock (like, "Come As You Are" every two hours). It's not like it was ever going to become good again.

My Jean Grae profile is up on In other news, I'm growing a beard.