Friday, January 16, 2004

The good part of working 9-to-5 is that I'm amazed to find that I am now perfectly able to drop $100 on four CDs and a book from The CDs and book finally arrived yesterday: the new joints from Michael Mayer, Luomo, Mu, M83, and Paul Morley. Can't tell you how sophisticated and European I feel listening to this stuff. And the bit at the end of Mu's "Why I Left" where the piano and the vwerp-vwerp-vwerp computer noises play the same notes makes me think of Sammy Davis, Jr. dancing in a tuxedo with the bowtie undone and a martini in his hand while the giant gatling-gun robot from Robocop clumsily does the same steps behind him, a fraction of a step off the beat. If Mu gave me a giant pile of money to make them a video, that's what would happen.