Thursday, March 11, 2004

Because blogging once a week is the new blogging every day! Tell all your lazy friends! For the week of 3/11(down DOWN!)/04
Top 10 People

1 - Nick Barat. I got linked on Catchdubs? Huh? What? I haven't even told anyone about this blog! Don't like one million people read that? Hi, one million people!

2 - Ben Stiller. Have you seen Starsky & Hutch yet? Holy shit, dude! That movie is wicked funny. It's not even, like, a guilty pleasure or anything. It's just a pleasure. The cast is perfect, and everyone is in absolute top form. Ben Stiller wins because he has a dance-off with Har Mar Superstar that's funny enough for me to forgive Todd Phillips for hiring Har Mar Superstar.

3 - Owen Wilson. Only loses to Ben Stiller because no dance-off. But he's also very, very funny in exactly the way that you want Owen Wilson to be funny.

4 - Travis Morrison. For putting the Vines on blast. Too bad Jet didn't steal his video idea; they're even worse.

5 - Jessica Hopper. For putting lazy music critics like (sometimes) me on blast for using the same stupid terms over and over again. Immediately after reading this, I went to the Cee-Lo review I was working on and deleted the term "genre-defying". Instant results!

6 - The guy from Franz Ferdinand. I have no idea who's in this band, but I really like the album. It's like the Rapture if they were trying to rip off Blur and PiL instead of the Cure and PiL. Which means it's not as good as the Rapture, but it's still good. Update: Upon furter reflection, Franz Ferdinand sounds nothing like PiL. So let's say they're ripping off Blur and the Rapture. Sound good? OK.

7 - Tunde Adebimpe. This top 10 people idea would just fall right apart if I started listing bands instead of people. So this means Tunde gets on the list, since he's the only guy in TV on the Radio who anyone seems to notice. The new album isn't as good as the EP, but I've only listened to it a few times, and I know I'm going to enjoy letting it slowly seep in. It's that kind of album. I really wish I'd been the first person to compare TV on the Radio to Peter Gabriel.

8. T.I. Some girl on the bus yesterday had "Rubber Band Man" as her ringtone. I wanted to kiss her.

9. William Hung. Remember that article in the New York Times where it talked about how Kanye and Pharrell were like the new generation of bad singers making pop hits? And how it even mentioned how neither of them would do well on American Idol? That's true, but this whole Hung thing has be the bizarre apotheosis of this trend, if the trend actually exists. It's like the entire nation has gotten together, and we're either saying "Ha ha, look at that fucking idiot! And he's Chinese too! Ha!" or "Wow, Simon sure was a dick to that guy. He seemed nice." What the heck is going on here? (link courtesy Jeff Chang)

10. Todd Phillips. Look, I really liked Starsky & Hutch, OK? Coming up with ten people is hard.

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