Tuesday, May 18, 2004

"Bad Boy This, Bad Boy That" was the jam (I'm serious!), but Diddy absolutely made the right decision in breaking up Da Band. I missed the final episode of Making the Band (I'm sure it'll be on another million times), but it sounds like Diddy's smart enough to realize that the only way those fools were going to be making him any money was through the TV show - there's no reason to keep them around now that the show's over. Hopefully no one will ever name a group "Da Band" again; that's an even stupider name that "The Band". Now the word is that he's keeping Chopper, probably the most irritating member of the group (most irritating rapping member, that is; Sara's probably got him beat overall). Gah. Some people never learn. Now when's the DVD coming out?

Brian Scalabrine reminds me of Michael Rappaport. Of course, any white guy on the Nets would probably remind me of Michael Rappaport. And you know what's really intriguing to me about the Nets/Pistons series? Darko. Larry Brown has this enormous Serbian guy, seven feet something, second overall draft pick, and no one has ever seen him play! They're keeping him close to the vest like a doomsday weapon. Here they are in this ridiculously contested seven-game series (the triple-overtime Detroit loss on Friday was insane), and we still haven't seen this guy! I'm picturing a dark cloud falling over the court if Ler finally puts him in sometime in the 4th quarter of game seven. Dude, his name is Darko! Put him in!

Dream sequences are wack! The five-hour Sopranos dream sequence on Sunday was only the latest offense we've been forced to endure - who else just fucked around and gave up on Max Payne when they got to that first dream sequence? Seriously, I can't think of a single good dream sequence; why do people insist on doing them? Even the thing in Vertigo was lame! I guess all the Twin Peaks ones were OK since the whole show was pretty much a giant feast of random. But come on dudes, you should know better.

I was thinking I'd buy the new Morrissey today, but then Keith Harris put him on total blast. Fuck it, I think I'll just get the Trillville & Lil Scrappy thing instead.