Thursday, June 17, 2004

Barbecue at my place this weekend! Get at me, kids!

Fools are hating on Saved for not bringing down the Xtian right hard enough, but it's not even about that. The movie's steez is much more Mean Girls than Citizen Ruth. It has moments of satire and all, but it's more about life within this existing religious structure. The world of evangelical Christians isn't some evil mythic beast. Kids live there. I like that it was about kids who live there more than shrill, vicious stereotypes who live there, though some of them show up, too. Notes: Macaulay Culkin's haircut is unbelievably wack up until the prom scene, and then it's good. And I'm sorry, but no way does that movie take place anywhere near B-More. The buses say "Baltimore County", but they don't even look like Baltimore buses. It's not like Baltimore is an expensive place to film; peep Head of State (One scene was filmed on my block! Too bad it sucked) and Meteor Man and every other movie filmed in Baltimore but set in DC. And if you're going to film a movie in Vancouver, why not set it there?