Tuesday, January 25, 2005

I haven't seen a single one of the movies nominated for Best Picture, but I can still say with certainty that that is a weakass list of nominees. Finding Neverland? Please.

Napoleon Dynamite is fucking bullshit. Fucking Anacondas was better than that shit. At least Anacondas was funny. Can someone please tell me what people liked about Napoleon Dynamite? It meant nothing to me. Not a thing.

The Mike Patton vs. X-Ecutioners album is just balls. Every time the X-Ecutioners come up with any sort of halfway-listenable redundant generic old-school wickety-wickety groove, Patton has to fuck it all up by throwing in horrible fragmented cocktail jazz or weird organ music or whatever. Patton's singing is sounding more and more like Marylin Manson imitating Mike Patton. Faith No More was, once upon a time, my favorite band in the world (also first band I ever saw live, opening for Guns N Roses/Metallica, July 1992, RFK Stadium), but Mike Patton just keeps getting lamer and lamer, further into "avante-garde" fifth-grade-art-nerd shit with absolutely no redeeming aesthetic features (his role in the Bjork album excepted [mostly]). I cannot think of any reason for this album to exist. I hate it when I have to review something like this because it means I end up wasting valuable listening time so I can bump it over and over in the hopes of coming up with something insightful to say about it.

I am so totally buying those Bright Eyes albums today. Just you watch.