Thursday, February 24, 2005

Hood's Outside Closer sounds pretty much exactly like Hood's last album, Cold House. I like Cold House, but I already own Cold House, you know? The tracks sound nice when they're on my headphones and instantly disappear immediately afterwards. I could not hum a single song off it. The tracks aren't really songs, actually; they're just little sketches of aimless acoustic guitar and mumbled British-dude vocals and clicky beats. It's nice enough, but I can't imagine anyone ever loving this album.

I'm a little sad that Sacramento traded Chris Webber to Philly for some no-name scrubs. They probably had to get rid of him eventually, since his knee is shot and he's never going to get them a championship, but it seems like they could've at least got something out of the deal, and Corliss Williamson is not that something. I'm mostly disappointed because I'm going to see the Kings play the Wizards on Sunday afternoon and I was looking forward to seeing Webber make a big return to DC. This will be my first live NBA game since I was ten and I saw the Bullets get crused by Charles Barklay's Sixers in one of the games that the Bullets used to play in Baltimore to make up for the fact that DC stole the team. I remain seriously amped about Sunday's game; the tickets were a ridiculously badass Valentine's Day present from Bridget, and now the Wizards will probably win.