Wednesday, March 02, 2005

My subscription to the New Yorker ran out in January, and it isn't starting again until the end of the month, so I've missed a few stories. I was at the YMCA last night, finished with the elliptical thing and waiting for Bridget to get done, and they had a few back issues from the past couple of months sitting around. I got to reading this article about, a website I'd never heard of that gets more hits than Pitchfork or the Onion, and I recognized one of the names in the article. This kid Jake who I got to know when I moved back to Baltimore after college was one of the people who started the site. Jake is someone who I never knew all that well but who I always really liked; he was/is always working on some weird togue-in-cheek conceptual art project. A while ago, he told me he was moving to San Diego and starting a company with some other people. Now he lives in Manhattan and makes mad crazy loot off a website that's apparently mostly comprised of pictures of drunk people. That = bananas.

I'm getting tired of talking/thinking about the Game/G-Unit situation, but one thing occurred to me this morning. Game is someone who loves to rap about the rap industry, to describe backroom deals and contract clauses and the processes at work in the creation of music. The events of the past couple of days have probably given him enough material for an album or two. This whole thing may yet be good for him.