Friday, March 18, 2005

O'Malley's March, the Celtic rock band led by Baltimore mayor Martin O'Malley, played its last show last night. I never saw or even heard O'Malley's March, but I always loved the idea that my city's mayor opened for Shane MacGowan while serving as mayor. O'Malley is the first white mayor Baltimore has had during my lifetime (Baltimore is overwhelmingly black, if you didn't know), and he's almost certainly the basis for the slimey Councilman Carcetti character from the last season of The Wire (which is being renewed for another season, jyeah!). He's a young, good-looking guy (totally ripped, wears muscle shirts), and he came into office on a split ticket and a Giuliani-esque hard-on-crime campaign. Before he took office, I was afraid he'd pull Giuliani tactics like throwing everyone in jail and putting Starbucks on every corner and shutting down all the clubs. He didn't do any of that stuff. He also hasn't done any Giuliani-type stuff like actually reducing crime in the city substantially or making it any safer. But because he's white and young and good-looking, he's practically got a sign that says "rising politician" stapled to his forehead. He'll probably run for governor against his Republican evil twin Robert Ehrlich next year, and there's a good chance he'll win, especially if people stop getting murdered so much in the city (which would be awesome!). And so he's retiring his band. For some reason, I find this oddly depressing.