Thursday, March 03, 2005

People should stop referring to Dalek as underground rap or whatever. Dalek makes industrial noise-drone with someone rapping on it. Before I ever heard their music, I thought they would sound like Three-6 Mafia. They don't. At all. Whatsoever. I was sort of disappointed. But as someone who likes both rap and indie-drone stuff, I have to say they make some pretty great indie-drone stuff. The distorto-synths have this great glacial epic-grandeur thing, going for beauty instead of ugliness, which makes them roughly infinity times better than Wolf Eyes right there. When I asked my editor at the City Paper what Dalek sounded like, he said it was something like Nine Inch Nails except rap. I think he meant it dismissively; he laughed pretty hard when I said that that sounded awesome. (They don't actually sound anything like Nine Inch Nails, unfortunately.)