Friday, August 05, 2005

I am drunk.

Here's something I wasn't expecting: the new Young Jeezy album is amazing, best rap album of the year so far. Huge monolithic regionless epic production, Jeezy all larger-than-life on that "I am the trap" thing, not afraid to be a huge resonant figure. "My Hood" is a perfect summer jam. Nobody agrees with me about this shit. Whatever.

Here's something I was pretty much expecting: Me, You and Everyone We Know is a perfect date movie. We came out of that thing glowing.

Here's a thing I was absolutely expecting: moving sucks. Also sucks: the Ikea in Jersey. Jesus. Like going through a war.

Here's something you might not be expecting: I fully intend to update this thing a whole lot more often, once I get a computer and everything. Even with the Voice blog. Promise. Warning: it may turn into some what-I-had-for-breakfast type shit. I have no idea what I'll write about if I'm going to be blogging about music five days a week elsewhere.

New York people! Get ready to feel short! Three days before I stomp through your shit!