Tuesday, August 12, 2008

I was pretty drunk during the Boredoms lots-of-drummers thing last year. I still remember it as one of my favorite events of the summer: amazing location, beautiful day, hordes of amped-up music-writer compatriots, free beer. I wish I could remember more about the music. All I can call up is Eye, trident upraised, smacking these horizontal bars and making these huge bwaaaaow noises while all the drummers went nuts around him. The Gang Gang Dance lots-of-drummers thing this past weekend wasn't the landmark event that last year was, but I'll probably remember the music more: waves of pulsating synth-glurgs and guitar-vrooms and house-music thuds, all the drummers surrounding the stage barely audible even though there were eleven more of them. Not being drunk probably helped too. Bridget and I spent most of it sitting by the river and looking at the Manhattan lights all slowly coming on. With that amazing synth racket behind me, it reminded me of the opening of Fulci's Zombi, underwater Moog-fuzz soundtracking that shot of Manhattan from the Staten Island Ferry.

Another fun thing I did this weekend: Pineapple Express. When Shaun of the Dead wanted to switch from comedy to zombie movie, it was crazy abrupt: all this sad and gorey stuff happening, people crying and getting pulled apart and killing their loved ones and stuff. When Pineapple Express becomes a violent action movie, it manages to keep the ramshackle stoner-fuckup sensibility it'd already worked up, thank God. But also: a violent action movie! In 2008! The fights in Pineapple Express are great because you can tell what's going on and because the people involved look like they're actually getting the shit kicked out of them, hitting their heads on bathroom sinks and shit.