Thursday, August 20, 2009

Hey, I still have a blog! I don't have to just post inane shit on Twitter all the time! I'd do well to remember this.

There's this one part in Tyson where he's giving a press conference the night he gets out of prison, and some onlooker yells that he should be in a straightjacket. Tyson looks out in the crowd, finds, the guy, and then just screams terrifying stuff at him for a couple of minutes. "You couldn't last two minutes in my world!" "I'll eat your asshole raw!" "I'll fuck you till you love me!" That kind of thing. I rewound that part a bunch of times, and I wish they could've found that heckler for a follow-up interview. Dude must've been convinced his life was about to end.

The weird thing about Tyson the movie is that it makes its subject both fucking demonically frightening (seriously: "I'll fuck you till you love me"?) and enormously sympathetic, even in that moment. Because when Tyson's talking about his time in prison, it's evident that he's totally convinced he didn't rape that one girl, though who knows what actually happened. So this guy just wants to get back to boxing and get on with his life after a nightmarish prison stint, and it makes sense that he'd be furious when some fucker won't leave him alone. I was on his side in that scene, insane as he was. That happened a lot in Tyson. It's a complicated movie, and how many complicated movies even get made anymore?

Also, Carmelo Anthony produced Tyson. Yet another reason why that guy rules.

EDIT: And here it is! Thanks, Rich!