Monday, July 12, 2004

Have you guys seen Anchorman yet? Oh, dudes, that movie is fucking effing funny. It's really just about as good as I could possibly imagine it would be. Recent studio comedies tend to go in one of two directions: they're either driven by some lame attempt to be heartwarming or at least cute, or they're driven by fart jokes. Along Came Polly somehow managed to be both, which might make it the worst movie ever made. Anchorman does neither; it is pure, wicked comedy all the way through. It doesn't even worry about making sense, and it barely even has a plot. The reviews I've read (OK, that's just the ones in Entertainment Weekly and the Village Voice) completely miss something; it's like these people saw a different movie. They criticize the acting or the plot or whatever, but they don't seem to get that it's just a big anarchic joyful mess. You could probably draw a parallel to something like Zoolander, but I'm tempted to say that it's even better. This could be just because I've seen both Along Came Polly and Duplex in the past couple of months and now I sort of hate Ben Stiller, but the bear fight? The rumble between the networks? The a capella "Afternoon Delight"? What? Do yourself a favor and go see this movie. And maybe smoke a bowl beforehand.

I was walking from the bus stop to work this morning, and some dude looked at me all pissed off and spat out "You a bitch, man" when I was walking past. Baltimore has no shortage of crazy fucking people, but this one really sort of jarred me. Did I somehow offend that guy some other time and not remember? What made him think I'm a bitch? The glasses? The messenger bag? The dorky-ass work clothes? Is it because I'm tall and skinny? Or because I'm white? As a white guy who lives in a mostly poor-and-black city, should I just be expected to put up with stuff like that? Why didn't I just clock him in the fucking face as soon as he said it? Any help would be appreciated. Hit me up.