Thursday, November 18, 2004

My review of Snoop Dogg's R&G is up on Pitchfork, now with factual inaccuracies removed! Oops!

I'm pretty busy these days, going to New York tomorrow and trying to cobble together my end-of-year lists, but I should really just say that the new Trick Daddy is just an amazing album. The thugged-out kill-you plastic crunk stuff is great, and the freaky sex jams are OK, but the album's real high points are the breezy, gorgeous inspirational songs about children and making something out of yourself and all this stuff that would be painfully trite in just about anyone else's hands. Snoop should take lessons from Trick on how to make a mature, melodic hip-hop album without embarrassing yourself. He's got this warm, gruff, inviting voice, like an uncle or something, and the songs have these beautiful shiny glistening rolling beats and irresistibly corny uplifting kid-chorus hooks. Thug Matrimony has a higher grin-count than just about any album I've heard this year.