Tuesday, December 07, 2004

The Eternals remind me of Citizen Fish. They both churn up a nice thick dubby soup, and then they both throw some nasal amelodic overpowering vocalist on top of everything. It's particularly glaring in the case of the Eternals because they're working this seductive swirling cinematic beat-heavy reggae thing, and that does not mix well with this dude's bleating. But I love Citizen Fish, and I like the Eternals. Part of it is I feel it when dudes who came up with the indie-rock pack decide that fuck indie-rock, they want to do something new. That makes sense to me. And part of it is that at the Talking Head a couple of nights ago they were all dense, stressed charisma, said obnoxious vocalist busting out angry-ninja dance moves and generally ignoring the fact that they were playing to a tiny, half-full, nasty-ass indie-rock club. They sounded loose and open and strong.

J-Zone is funny! I like J-Zone.