Friday, December 10, 2004

Hey, look at this! My top ten albums of the year! On Neumu! Awesome!

Here's the thing about some people who go to Howard Zinn lectures: they are suckups. Why do they have to give the guy a standing ovation before he even says one word? How come they applaud wildly every time he manages to finish a sentence? Why laugh uproariously at every single throwaway quip like this was the Def Comedy Jam? And then applaud again? Let the man speak! Although I have to say that Zinn wasn't doing anything to help the situation; he was on some serious preaching-to-the-converted ish at Hopkins on Wednesday night. Know your history, the government lies, we need a mass peace movement, right. Now please maybe tell me something I don't know. I learned more from the first two minutes of Spike Lee's catatonic commentary track on The 25th Hour DVD than I did from that entire lecture. Weak.

Also weak: The O.C. stealing plotlines from Arrested Development and making them not funny. Oh look, the grandfather is going to jail? And he's appointing his incompetent wife to run his company? When his son/daughter, the most competent person gets left in the lurch? Did they think we wouldn't notice? They're on the same damn network! Last night's O.C. didn't have any of that stuff, but I forgot to write about it last week.