Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Michael Phelps is from Baltimore and all, so go Michael Phelps, but I have to say this whole thing where you can get multiple gold medals for swimming is kind of bullshit. So the best basketball players from every country all come together, and the most that one team can hope for is one gold medal. Meanwhile one guy can win like ten of them just for swimming really fast because he wins a bunch of different types of swim-races. Shouldn't there just be one medal for swimming? Like, pick a type of race and stick with it. Or else give out gold medals for half-court basketball and three-on-three and dunk contests and shit. Maybe Horse or 21. It's only fair.

This Re-Up Gang album? Not that bad! OK, so there's "Fast Life," which basically sucks. (Though I like the line about "the coup got a mind of its own like Christine." Rappers, please reference old-school Stephen King more often. Also Clive Barker. Thanks.) And more than half the album is just We Got It 4 Cheap 3 tracks with different beats, which is weird because most of those beats were original in the first place and you don't need to clear samples on Koch. (And the "Dey Know" freestyle doesn't make any sense when it's not over the "Dey Know" beat.) But I like a lot of these new beats, these cheap plastic fake-Neptunes things. And the non-"Fast Life" new songs are all good. I like that one is called "Money" and one is called "Street Money"; it's important to differentiate.