Wednesday, March 24, 2004

Isn't conservative punk already sort of a redundant phrase, at least aesthetically? The existence of a cadre of pro-Bush punks shouldn't be too much of a surprise to anyone with a passing familiarity with the punk scene, a group with more idiots per capita than anything this side of a Promise Keepers meeting. If you're still bumping Vandals records, you're probably not really all that in tune with reality. Indie rock may be generally lame, but at least the form has evolved somewhat over the last 15 years. California-style punk can still sometimes be glorious (the last Rancid album), but pop-punk shows nowadays are sad places to be, everyone wearing t-shirts of bands that broke up when they weren't born yet. I've been to the Warped Tour, and it isn't pretty. So (with apologies to Fat Mike), it really isn't a shock that a scene thick with conservative assholes might turn out to have a few politicized conservative assholes.