Thursday, July 22, 2004

Fun with Statcounter! Since the Freaky Trigger link yesterday, almost half of the people reading this blog are British. Hi, British people! Also, hi, Australian, Dutch, Argentinean, Spanish, Japanese, and, um Iraqi people! The one guy from Iraq was Googling "Rancid + Murs", though. Good luck with that! Keep ya head up, dude! Also, a lot of people end up here by Googling "Lance Armstrong + Sheryl Crowe". I don't have any inside information to offer these people. Oh, my aunt went to college with Sheryl Crowe! They were in the same sorority. My aunt used to buy beer for Sheryl Crowe when she was underage. That's an exclusive scoop!

Other incestuous blog stuff: Government Names takes Catchdubs to school. Clap back, Nick!

Also, Jess Harvell has a new blog. Jess is an amazing writer, and it looks like he's actually going to be updating this one, so act like you know.