Wednesday, July 21, 2004

"Save a Horse (Ride a Cowboy)"! That is my shit right there! I was outside Lexington Market, Baltimore's enormous, sprawling, ghetto-as-hell food court, and I heard it blasting out of a passing SUV! It was a white guy driving and everything, but still! Lexington Market! SUV! "Save a Horse (Ride a Cowboy)"! That's what the fuck I'm talking about! Official summer jam!

The album is pretty good, but it doesn't really come close to approaching the heights of the single. Chuck Eddy's review in the Voice had me expecting some kind of country Kish Kash, and it's nothing like that. (Fun anecdote: my brother, who lives in New York, skimmed the review and decided he wanted the album, so he went looking for it at Other Music because he figured it was some crazy underground experimental ish.) More than half the thing sounds to these untrained ears like standard modern country, albeit very good standard modern country. The rapping, when it appears, is mostly really bad (Hey Cowboy Troy! Don't brag about being tall when you are only 6'4"! You will be taken to school!), and a few of the other parts are way hokey, but it's still the best soundtrack to cleaning the kitchen of the year, and it sounds pretty effing great between Andrew WK and Bubba Sparxxx.

Hey NYLPM Mafia! Thanks for the link! But what does it mean that this blog is breezy? That's good, right? Like Cover Girl?

From the new Baltimore City Paper, here's me on the current explosion of neo-avant-folkish bands in Baltimore, an article that I spent fucking months writing. The final product has been severely cut for space, and it's kind of marred by the photo of some of the principals acting like dicks. E-mail me for the O.G. version if you're interested. Also in the new City Paper: my photo! Sort of. There's this article on all the different dance nights, and you can see my face in the first photo in the article, from Taxidermy Lodge at the Talking Head. I'm all blurry in the background, upper right to the left of the dude's hat. At least I think that's me. It's nothing special or anything, but I've never had my picture in the paper before, and it's kind of weird that it would appear so unwittingly close to an article that I wrote.