Friday, July 30, 2004

I liked Kerry's acceptance speech last night. This could be wishful thinking, but I really think he will win in November, barring some unforeseen circumstances like a terrorist attack or some huge skeleton in his closet coming to light. A lot of super-left wing people, including a pretty huge number of my friends, need to chill on Kerry. He's not perfect. He's not even great. He's just good. And good is fucking amazing compared to what we have right now. Don't talk up Nader to me right now if you don't want me to go off on you.

The Young Buck track with T.I. and Luda going at each other is OK. It's pretty obvious that T.I. recorded his verse before Luda; his dis is a pretty weak semi-subliminal. He's going to have to do better than "me getting beat down? that's ludicrous." Luda kept it pretty light too, but I love it when he says "you're worth a couple hundred grand and I'm worth meeeeelyons!" T.I. should maybe consider not dissing people who are going to destroy him. With the Lil Flip beef, it's at least conceivable that he could beat Flip. But if this Luda beef continues, Luda is going to eat T.I. for breakfast and still have room left for a big bowl of Golden Grahams. Young Buck is from Nashville. I wonder if he's ever met Cowboy Troy.