Wednesday, April 20, 2005

So El Guapo was a pretty meh Dischord band who decided, perversely enough, to change their name to Supersystem, sign with Touch & Go, and go full-on dancepunk. And it's not like El Guapo was setting the world on fire or anything, but this seems to be a pretty strange decision now that no one will admit to liking dancepunk anymore now that LCD Soundsystem is getting played in the background on The OC and whatnot. But holy god, this Supersystem album is ridiculous hot, fuzzbomb bass and eerie John Carpenter synths and jittery disco hi-hats and Diwali handclaps and and Middle-Eastern strings and horns and ridiculous splattered nonsense lyrics. They've retained a lot of that Dischord crashing-drama aesthetic but plugged it into this caffeinated epic white-funk thing which, fuck it, I still love. "Born Into the World" is one of the two songs I totally forgot about when I was doing my quarterly report (the other is Do or Die ft. R. Kelly: "Magic Chick"), and I honestly cannot imagine it not setting a dancefloor on fire. Probably no one will hear this album, but wow, it's breathless and skittery and desperate and just, like, unstoppable. It gets better every time I hear it.