Wednesday, May 25, 2005

New York was a crazy whirlwind of a blast, and I am so tired that I can barely move my toes. I ate a ridiculously huge and opulent Italian dinner, ran through Prospect Park in the rain, dropped $17 on Get Ya Mind Correct at Kim's, left my Baltimore Dodgeball T-shirt on the train. Someone in Greenpoint asked me how tall I am in Polish. I bought the magazine with my first-ever cover story at Barnes & Noble (DIW, Sleater-Kinney, don't sleep). My brother graduated from college. Maybe we'll move up there this summer and maybe we won't, but thanks to my colleagues Sean and Ryan and Amy and Nick for making me feel at home. And thanks to Sean for hooking me up with Ecko discounts!

I'll get back to talking about Cowboy Troy and American Idol and how much I hate Manu Ginobli as soon as I can get my head back together.