Monday, May 09, 2005

I feel like Al could probably write a Lifter Puller song about Saturday night. I've seen Al (from Government Names/Narrowcast) at a bunch of shows in the area, but I'd never convinced him to go to a show or anything. But so at my urging, he ended up at the Hold Steady show at this art gallery in Hampden that was opening this exhibit of old pictures of punks from LA and that had free beer as soon as you paid to get in, which meant that I got bombed. The Hold Steady played the same songs they played at the Ottobar last month, except it didn't sound as good because their keyboard player wasn't there, and I spent a good part of the set waiting in line for the bathroom anyway. (Hey cokeheads! Do coke in your car or some shit! Some of us have to piss!) Bridget wanted to go home after the show, but Craig Finn invited me to the after-party at this guy Dave's apartment, so Al and I went. I talked to Craig for like an hour at the after-party, and I don't remember any of the conversation at all except that both he and I consider Sasha Frere-Jones and Jessica Hopper to be the two best music writers in the universe. Other than that, the whole party is a blur. I was absolutely blasted out of my head at that point, as were most of the people there. Al wasn't, so I feel kind of bad. I hope I didn't act like an ass. Sorry, homes.

I saw Dig! this weekend, and a couple of questions arose. Like: why did they get the dude from the Dandy Warhols to narrate the thing? He is the single worst narrator I have ever heard in my life. He talks in the voice I use when I'm making fun of cokeheads. Also: what was the deal with the dude from the Brian Jonestown Massacre who wore giant sunglasses all the time and only played maracas? If I ever met this man, I would have to slap him, hard.

The Wizards made it to the semis, but I didn't have much time to revel in victory because the Heat absolutely tore them apart yesterday. I just hope they don't get swept.