Friday, May 06, 2005

T.I. was on The OC last night. Stuff like this needs to happen more often. I want to see Chamillionaire on Gilmore Girls, Three 6 Mafia in the next Wes Anderson movie, the Hold Steady and the Mountain Goats on 106 & Park, Ian MacKaye playing a crooked cop on the next season of The Wire. Worlds need to collide. Let's make this happen. (Too bad T.I. was just lip-sincing "Bring Em Out" while standing on a diving board; it would've been a lot better if they'd gotten him to make out with Summer or something. And too bad The OC is sucking now, running through plotlines like a seven-year-old with ADD. The mom is drinking too much? Seth has a comic book? Another car accident? Settle down, kids!)