Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Never Back Down is basically the Drumline of pitfighting movies, and it still manages to kind of suck. But apparently nobody told Djimon Hounsou he was in a total piece-of-crap movie. He's got the Orlando Jones role, and still he gives this really intense and focused performance, and he looks better doing the UFC stuff than most of the younger folk in the movie. Good villain, too, but the people who make these movies need to stop inventing tragic backstories for their boring-ass heroes and instead just hire some actors who aren't totally charisma-free.

Outlaw Vern, who I guess has been around forever but who I just started reading, is quickly becoming my go-to source for cheesed-out action movie recommendations, so I have him to thank for Rogue, the Citizen Kane of direct-to-video crocodile-attack movies. It's an Australian movie from the Wolf Creek guy, but there's no horrible torture scenes in it because crocodiles don't torture people. And it's a real movie, with three-dimensional characters you mostly don't want to see eaten and a great slow build and a couple of incredibly tense scenes. I would've liked a few more cool death-scenes, but this is actually a pretty great horror movie. No idea why it's called Rogue, though. As far as I could tell, the crocodile didn't absorb the powers and memories of the people it touched; it just ate them.