Thursday, May 26, 2005

American Idol's first cracker-cracker showdown is over, and the right cracker won. I'm curious to see how Carrie Underwood does in the outside world and how her success or failure will plug into what I was saying recently about the mainstream's persistent ignorance of country music. Carrie Underwood is pretty and likeable and marketable and, with the right song, there's no reason that she couldn't blow up monstrous - except that pop radio hasn't come anywhere near country since the last time Shania Twain commissioned a Europop remix. I find it kind of weird and embarrassing that everyone at my work assumed that I'd be rooting for Bo and that I needed to be consoled or whatever. Do they think I bump Creed on the low? It was fun for a little while hearing Bo bleat grungeisms, but it got old around the time he grew the creepy molester beard. With the flowing pirate shirt and tight leather pants he was rocking last night, it was not a good look. Last night's show managed to be fully engaging for two hours, which is sort of incredible. David Hasselhoff's entire career these days seems to consist of making self-deprecating cameo appearances. It's nice that he's a good sport, but he doesn't have to smash us over the head with it, you know?