Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Let's talk about Kanye for a minute. I've been getting sick of this man for a minute, and I haven't made any secret of it. He's been acting like a complete ass since roughly the three "Jesus Walks" videos, and it seemed like everything he'd done since then had gradually edged into uberentitled celebrity megalomania. Plus I'm one of the two people in internet-land who isn't in love with Be (Will Dukes is the other one). It's OK and all, but I'm getting good and sick of flutey Rhodesy beats with pish-pish drums, and Common's spoken-word-guy delivery isn't helping anything. (And how is he deep? I seriously do not hear it.) Kanye also has the most irritating track by far on the new Young Gunz album, and that's not really something that you want to have people saying about you. And I would not be sad if John Legend got sucked into an interdemensional vortex so he could fight dinosaurs instead of bothering all of us with that lounge-singer shit. But. Now Kanye is calling Franz Ferdinand "white crunk" and getting M.I.A. to guest on his album. And he engineered the single most thrilling moment in a song this year on the "Diamonds" remix when he says that people are asking if him and Jay are still cool and the beat drops out and you hear Jay's voice - "Yep" - and then Jay just murders the rest of the song ("Bleek could stay one hit away his whole career / As long as I'm alive, he's a millionaire"). So fuck it, I like this guy again. He's back on my good list.