Tuesday, September 02, 2008

This Sarah Palin thing gets more amazing and insane by the hour. Seriously, I'm sitting in an office full of people constantly watching the political blogs, and every fifteen minutes or so someone pipes up about some new absurd shit in this lady's history. At this rate, we're going to find out by Thursday that she bathes in moose blood and has a rapture-shelter in her backyard. If you haven't seen it, this fake Sarah Palin blog is some hilarious shit. Also: this.

The Democratic Convention made for a pretty incredible week of TV, but I ended up watching a whole lot of it on CSPAN because the actual news networks were barely showing any of it. I like some of MSNBC's talking heads and all, but I don't really need to hear them endlessly rehashing the (fake) PUMA controversy while people are actually making what might be important and substantive speeches. I mean, John Kerry! They wouldn't let him talk on TV! It was weird. One person who did get to talk on TV a whole lot: Will.I.Am. Somehow I watched that guy get interviewed like four times. And every time, he went on some surprisingly heated tangent about McCain's campaign making fun of Obama for being a celebrity. He is one pissed-off spokesman for maligned celebrities, and I have to wonder about that. You think maybe Will.I.Am is so mad at the constant hate aimed his way that it's actually come to affect his views on presidential politics? I have no doubt that his support of Obama is sincere, but I also think he might see McCain's campaign staff as angry blog commenters, which is sort of hilarious. Apparently the sans-Fergie Black Eyed Peas showed up at the LA stop of Rock the Bells, did a set of "Joints and Jams"-era bullshit, and got soundly booed. Do those boos echo in his ear every time a network reporter shoves a mic in his face? And can network reporters please stop shoving mics in this face?