Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Assateague Island is a thin strip of sand near the bottom of the DelMarVa peninsula, right between the Chesapeake Bay and the Atlantic Ocean. It's sort of famous for the wild ponies that run around there and will walk right up to you (also: weird little deer), and there's a national park there. You can camp there for just a few dollars, and if there are any rules against building bigass beach fires and drinking around them until four in the morning, these rules go unenforced. If you have some vacation time coming up, you need do like I did and go camping there immediately. Hurry up; in a couple of weeks, the mosquitos are going to hatch, and you don't want to be there when that happens. Bring wiffle-ball stuff!

Batman Begins is all I've ever wanted from a comic-book movie. It has this general air of gravity to go along with the inherent cartoonishness of the material. It treats the audience with respect, allowing for the possiblity that some of the viewing public may not be drooling idiots but may also want fun, fast-paced, summery entertainment. It has lots of good actors doing good acting. It absolutely nails the creepy-crazy-entitled-rich-guy subtext to the whole Batman thing. It has whoop-ass actions scenes, which would be more whoop-ass if someone had taken away the editor's crystal meth. It sucked me in absolutely and completely for two hours and ten minutes. I want more right now. Can anyone argue that Batman is the most awesomest superhero in the history of superheros? Even more awesomer than Ghost Rider? No. Nobody can argue this.

I don't want to see Rize because I hate clowns.