Thursday, September 04, 2008

The general absurdity of the whole Sarah Palin thing might be a lot of fun, but there was one moment during her speech last night that just made my gut seize up with revulsion: when she told parents of kids with disabilities that they'd have a friend and an advocate in the White House. She has a kid with Downs Syndrome (currently being held up as evidence of her anti-abortion cred), and that's a tough thing to deal with, sure. She also drastically cut funding for school for kids with disabilities in Alaska. Speaking as someone with a whole lot of disabilities in his family, this is absolutely the most loathsome form of vote-grubbing unscrupulous bullshit, and I hope the pundits of America have enough soul to call her out on it. Fuck this lady.

Another RNC thing: why does Joe Lieberman chuckle quietly every time he finishes a sentence? Even when he says something that could never, ever be interpreted as funny? That kind of thing just bugs the fuck out of me. But at least he can sleep soundly knowing that he did absolutely nothing on Tuesday night to help John McCain win. If he turns out to be a Democrat mole bringing the McCain campaign down from the inside, I'll forgive the whole chuckle thing.